Where durability, aesthetics and cleanliness meet, offering endless opportunities to any size of project.

SDS Protection offers a broad product range to cater for all aspects of internal doorset requirements. Additionally we can elevate your doorsets above conventional expectations by introducing subtle integrated protection adding a sharp finish to your project which will last noticeably longer.

Besides offering site surveys, scheduling and ironmongery services, to complete the package, SDS Protection will also back the doorsets with a first class installation utilising our own skilled BM Trada certified technicians and seasoned project managers. Doorsets from SDS Protection: a very comprehensive solution.

  • Postformed

    Simply the most advanced type of doorset available to the Specifier, the hygienic postformed surfaces do not allow for compromise in either resilience or appearances. These doorsets from SDS are where aesthetics, cleanliness and durability meet – they will take the strain year after year.

  • Veneered

    Whilst veneered doorsets are traditional, dependable and universal, those of SDS are manufactured to exacting standards by modern, state-of-the-art machinery. We select our veneers carefully to ensure the doorsets are not just functional, but fully serve to complement their surroundings.

  • Laminate

    These doorsets are frequently specified for their distinctive characteristics such as hardy easy-to-clean surfaces which are available in extensive variety of colours and finishes. Laminate doors from SDS will satisfy the dual demand for form and function.

  • Pre-primed

    These practical doorsets serve a variety of purposes and can be economically advantageous in many settings. Recommended for use where pedestrian traffic is light. In severer circumstances, SDS can install complimentary door protection products to greatly extend their serviceable lifespan.