Wall Protection Profiles

SDS Protection presents a broad collection of profile protection products designed for use in a wide variety of different applications.

It should be noted that all profiles tagged ‘durablend’ constitute ecologically sound, PVC-free, highly recyclable material. So whilst they can be specified and installed to adeptly rebuff impacts, by selecting durablend you can be assured our Planet suffers very little impact.

  • Hand & Crash Rails

    Helping to lend support to the infirm and also negate expensive maintenance, these products are essential items in any area where large numbers of people, baggage and equipment are regularly present. VIEW

  • Corner Guards

    Recognised as the most vulnerable points in any public building, corners must be protected from the outset from the many frequent, if unintentional, collisions. Corner guards will resolutely rebuff all these shocks. VIEW

  • Bedlocators

    Considered essential in all ward settings, locators not only prevent collisions between beds and walls, they also protect delicate service conduits, whilst providing a focal point for bed positioning within the bay. VIEW

  • Floor Rails & Posts

    Exceptionally tough and suitable for demanding areas where service vehicles and trollies frequent. Posts are versatile and can be positioned at collision hotspots; likewise floor rails are perfect for protecting vulnerable glass screens. VIEW

  • Stainless Steel/Rubber

    SDS Protection stainless steel crash rails can be manufactured to food grade level and therefore at home in any catering department. Rubber products are more appropriate to back-of-house areas and will tolerate severe conditions. VIEW